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About me

I'm simple but extraordinary! LOL! just kidding., :) I like doing interesting things,I love dancing a little bit of singing, hmmm...mostly I clean the house or surfing in the internet. I also like fashion combining and mixing clothes to make something new... :))


I always clean the house whenever I saw dirt,hahahahaha!. :) up to now I'm still afraid of sleeping alone, but im always trying my best..,hahahahaha!(>. <) sometimes I like reading or cooking,.


Love songs,pop,rock, Korean songs, hip-hop,rap...hmm what else? :))

Movies and TV:

funny movies,movies about LOVE!..hahaha...hmm...sometimes horror.., :)


volleyball,basketball,swimming,table tennis,tennis,football I guess? .., track and field a little bit only.., :))


drawing im not that good but i always do my best...coloring! love it.., :))


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